wen-juenn lee

poet on Wurundjeri land. email me what you’re reading.
the tina kane emergent writer for 2023.


  1. in Conversation with Vita Poetica
  2. Language Ecologies, un Projects
  3. what is alien is what is lowered, KINGS Artist-Run
  4. sometimes holiness is a room; sometimes, a door, un Projects
  5. let it be known, Cordite Poetry Review
  6. a soft, unarmoured thing, Going Down Swinging
  7. irritated at: the couple, a closed door, The Wheeler Centre
  8. I hear the same things when you speak, Meanjin
  9. chinese class, New Zealand Poetry 2022
  10. for sylvie & the moonee ponds creek, Cordite Poetry Review
  11. Lunar New Year in the Grampians, The Big Issue: Fiction Edition
  12. on debt & horse-riding camp, Going Down Swinging
  13. my workmate feeds gulls on break today, Antithesis
  14. on breaking & being broken, Meanjin
  15. modes of cleaning: acts I–III, Meanjin
  16. returning home again, Landfall
  17. waiting for you, Emerging Writers Festival
  18. like wool catching on bark, Voiceworks
  19. sounds in a strange land, Going Down Swinging
  20. tigerbalm, Scum Mag
  21. my father calls, but, Love in a Time of Covid
  22. Husband and Wife Talk Without Talking At A Difficult Dinner Party, Poetry Shelf
  23. Last July, Southerly
  24. A love letter to my mother: a work in progress, Landfall